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Sunday, 16 December 2012

New Jewelry and Advent Gift at Virtual Impressions

A New Advent Gift plus Marianne Mesh Jewelry, and Elinor and Linda Texture Change Jewelry Sets are available today.

Marianne is a simple design of Open and Closed Hearts covered with sparkly photo real diamonds. A romantic necklace & earrings set for lovers.

Sets in silver and gold are on offer this week at over 50% off to the group at only L$120 each.

Elinor is a choker style Pearl jewelry set with Roses and gemstones. The low lag texture change option allows for 21 roses, 21 gemstones, 21 pearls, 21 leaf tints and 8 metals. A truly versatile 3 piece set which can match any formal outfit.
It is offered at only L$200 this week for the group.

Linda is the other texture change set with hanging stones & pearls, Offered are 21 moonstones, 21 gemstones and 21 pearls plus 8 metals. This necklace and earrings set like Elinor is offered at only L$200 this week for group members.

Maybe something here will be the perfect gift for Christmas

Each day from now until Christmas Day a new gift is available for members. The day changes at the start of the SL day PST. Please wear your tag each time to get the advent prezzie. (NB this is a manual one lol so Chrissy will change the gift each day, apologies if Im late one day)

The Group Special Items will be available until Christmas.

To buy the discounted offers or to get the Advent Gifts please Join Virtual Impressions Retail Group & Wear the Tag  whilst buying from the group stand (inside the entrance on the right)

Landmark to Virtual Impressions

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