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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Bliss Couture 2nd Anniversary Celebration & New Main Store

Bliss Couture is celebrating its second anniversary this week with 2 fashion shows, both saturday & sunday  27th & 28th March and a week long sale of all pink items from Saturday 27th March until 4th April of 50% off. The events will take place at the New Main store building at Gown.

Details below

You are invited to the Bliss Couture, "Two Years of Bliss" Anniverary Shows @ Bliss Couture Runway.

There will be two shows:

Bliss Couture Formal Gown Show - featuring a variety of styles and new releases

Date: 27th March 2010

Time: 5PM SLT

Bliss Couture Bridal Gown Show - featuring 15 NEW Bridal Collection

Date: 28th March 2010

Time: 12pm Noon SLT
A Special Celebration of Pink! ALL Pink Items will be 50% OFF!! 27th March - 4th April. 2010
A free Gift will be out at Bliss Couture Mainstore Right After the Show on March 27th !
Your Landmark for All Events

Thursday, 25 March 2010

New Boots Design, Easter Limited Edition Jewelry & Free Gift at Virtual Impressions

A new boot Ashley is now at Virtual Impressions main store, based on the previous boot release Phillipa, this is a similar style in a calf length , but with flexi fur in layers down the boot. They are designed to attach to the lower leg so never look out of alignment on movement. A deletable re-size script is in the boots so they can be sized to fit, and they are transferable to be given as a gift.
A free Demo with re-size script can be tried before buying.

3 shades are for sale in Black, Deep Red & White Suede, each with a similar fur colour. You can buy a single colour for L$320 or all 3 for L$599, less than the price of 2.

This week an offer on the Black of L$220 and the Fat pack of only L$420 are available to Virtual Impressions Group. You can buy from the group vendor stand inside the door to the right, after joining the group and wearing your tag.

All designs can be found on the Latest Footwear Designs board, to the left of the front entrance or in the boots section.

For Easter a Limited Edition Jewelry Set can be bought by Virtual Impressions Group members for ony L$20. This necklace and earrings set is based on the Russian Imperial Faberge Eggs, which were highly jewelled and expensive gifts given at Easter, at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.

This set is only available from the Group Vendor Stand. Buy after joining the group and wearing your tag to buy. The set is modify and copy.

A new free gift is also instore.

Monday, 22 March 2010

An Invitation to the Wedding Show of the Year by Styles of edo

This is your Invitation to a Wedding Fashion Show by edo Tone, in celebration of 3 years of his clothing brand Styles of edo. The show will feature his amazing formal menswear, tuxedos, formal suits and accessories, which are the perfect attire for any man who wishes to dress to impress for that special occasion.
The show also has a supporting cast of designers, who will be showing some of the best wedding gown designs in sl, and are also to be found, for sale at Styles of edo main store, Tyche. Wedding jewelry will be supplied by Virtual Impressions.

The show will take place on Saturday March 27 at 2pm SLT at the

PATCH THIBAUD AUDITORIUM , Casablanca Boulevard.
There is lots of room for all who wish to attend.
Your Taxi to the Event

Listed below is the cast of Designers and Models and Support who will be taking part.

Producer: edo Tone

Director: Kay Fairey

DJ: Aris Earnshaw

Designers Brands

Styles of edo

Azul, Bliss Couture, Morea Style, Miamai

Son!a, B!Fashion, Sparkle Skye Designs

Orage Creations, AlaFolie, SYSY’s, M&M

Virtual Impressions


SL Top Models

Laura18 Streeter, Mui Mukerji, Sabine Blackburn

Miaa Rebane, Mimmi Boa, Cherie Parker, Payton Heron

Team edo

Andrew Laguna, Clif Sharktooth, Tesan Lane

Takeshi Kiama, Rod Insippo, RicoRacer Flux, Alf Whit.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of this event !

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Announcing 'Phillipa' a new boots design @ Virtual Impressions

A new knee length boot is now at Virtual Impressions main store, an elegant style with high heel, complete with flexi fringing the whole way down the leg of the boot in layers. To the top is a strap and buckle, matching the colour of the boot. 3 colours at available at present, Black Suede, Burgandy Suede, and White Suede. A pair of boots at the stardard price is L$320, and there is also an option to buy all 3 in a fatpack for only L$599, less than the price of 2. Boots are re-sizable via script, which can be deleted automatically when the correct size is achieved. Boots are transfer.

A group offer is currently on the Black , which you can buy for only L$220 this week or the fat pack, which you can buy for only L$420. Join Virtual Impressions Group and buy from the Group Vendor stand, wearing your tag,  inside the door to the right.

The new boots can be seen in the Boots Room or on the Latest Footwear Designs Board, inside the door to the left. A free Demo can be tried , complete with re-size script before buying.

Link to Virtual Impressions Main Store

Friday, 12 March 2010

Champagne Celebration Treasure Hunt @ Virtual Impressions

Virtual Impressions is 3 years old this weekend, and to celebrate this occasion, there will be a week long Hunt, beginning today Saturday 13th March, until Saturday 20th March.

24 Miniture Champagne Bottles for Ladies and 6 for Men are hidden around Virtual Impressions main store Ekho. Some contain Items specially created for the event by Virtual Impressions, and others have been kindly provided by the vendors on the first floor, ie Styles of edo, Angel Dessous, B-Style, Crie Style, Grasp, A Folie, and 2 of the designers have supplied a treasure items exclusive to the Virtual Impressions Hunt, Bliss Couture and Azul. A very specal thank you to my dear friends and tenants for supporting Virtual Impressions Birthday Event. I love you all :))

So come and enjoy the challenge and discover some Quality Gifts in those bottles, and  big thank you for your support of Virtual Impressions with your custom these past years.

Chrissy Ambrose
Virtual Impressions Designer & Owner

Your Taxi to the Champagne Hunt

Saturday, 6 March 2010

A New line at Virtual Impressions, Daphne Nails with Dress Ring

Announcing the first of a new line at Virtual Impressions. Daphne, Nails with Dress Ring.
A little while in developement this new item should complement Virtual Impressions Jewelry Range.

Daphne is a Frosted Nail polish in 6 shade options, Deep Pink, Deep Red, Pale Pink, Red, Peach and Purple. The decoration is in tiny pear and brilliant gems with attached Flower and Heart Dress Ring.

The nails are designed to fit hand size 20, but will re-size well between 15-30.

Other sizes are possible with the re-size script, but only an expert in fitting should try to edit larger than 30.

A re-size script is included which may be deleted after the desired result is achieved.
Also included in the box is an optional hand animation ao. Most aos are designed to keep the hands in a relaxed position to keeping nails and ring looking perfect. But if you find the nails leaving the hands, you should wear the nails ao to correct this problem.
A free demo version of the right hand, complete with re-size script is there to try before you buy and the ao is included within the nails.
Standard singles price is L$299 each and Fat Pack of 6 is only L$880.
A group offer is on the Deep Red Frost for only L$199 , and the Fat Pack of 6 for only L$600. so only L$100 each .

To Take advantage of the group offers join Virtual Impressions group and wear your group tag to buy from the group vendor stand.
Find the group vendors inside the door on the right and the other shades on the latest jewelry designs wall or in the nails area of the jewelry department.

If you like this new item, I will certainly be making more designs, I welcome your feedback.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

New Pearl Jewelry Sets at Virtual Impressions

Announcing 2 new designs of pearls 'Karen' & 'Victoria', based in a latice of beads. With Karen the necklace design is a half circle of pearls to the chest , and Victoria is choker style, in the Victorian tradition with beads draping on the neck. Both sets have a different design of earrings to match.

Colour options for Karen are Antique White and Black Pearls & for Victoria Antique White, Black and Snow White Pearls.

The price is L$320 a set and this week you may buy the antique white in both sets for only L$199, if you join Virtual Impressions Group and buy from the group vendor stand to the right of the front door.

All other shades can be viewed on the Latest Jewelry Designs board to the right hand side, or in the pearl jewelry stands in the main jewelry room.

All sets are Modify and Transfer.

Karen Jewelry Sets


Victoria Jewelry Sets