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Sunday, 23 May 2010

New Addition to the Madison Pearl Range, Madison Knot Jewelry Sets

Announcing Madison Knot a New 3 Strand Pearl Design with a long strand hanging to just above the waist with Knot to the front. Also with Madison Earrings to match. The perfect set for Formal, though Casual to Period 1920's. The pearls have the ultimate lustre and shine you would expect from high quality jewelry and they come in 4 shades, Antique White, Black, Chocolate & Red Pearls. Yours to own for only L$360 a set, or you may opt to buy all 4 in the fat pack for half price, L$720.

This week Virtual Impressions Retail Group Members can buy from the Group Vendor Stand the Black Pearls at L$220 and the Fat Pack of all 4 for only L$540. Join the Group on the vendor stand to the right of the doorway and wear your group tag to buy.
Jewelry is Transfer as a gift.

All colours can be seen on the Latest Jewelry Designs Board, or in the Jewelry Dept.


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

New Shoes and Nails @ Virtual Impressions

Announcing "Summer" a new pretty heeled sandal with foot and toes. This shoe attaches to the lower leg and comes with a Hud to change shoe colour/color, skin, nail polish and size. An infinite aray of shades can be achieved to match any outfit. For Viewer 1.23 and similar , invisprims are included to hide the feet, and additionally for Viewer 2 a new clothing layer is included which is designed to hide the feet, which eliminates the need to use the invisible bases.

Shoes are Transfer and a free demo version is instore to try before you buy.

The shoes are priced at L$370, and this week can be bought by Virtual Impressions Retail Group Members for L$220. This offer is available from the Group vendor stand inside the door to the right of the entrance. To Join the group please touch the join sign on the stand.

Also released today is "Janette" a new nails design with Daisy like gem decoration complete with matching dress ring. Nails come with Menu Driven Polish Changer , with 13 different shades to choose from. Also re-sizing is possible. The Nails are perfect for hand size 20 though will size without the need to re-fit for hand sizes 15-30. NB Large changes if needed can be difficult to fit properly.
Included in the box is an optional Animation Overider which can be worn should your nails and ring look out of alignment. The Ao is designed to keep your hand in a relaxed position.
Nails are Transfer and a demo version with texture changer can be tried before buying.

The standard price for the nails is L$360, and this week a group offer of only L$220 can be bought from the group vendor stand. As above join the group to buy at this price.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

2 New Jewelry Sets and a Free Gift at Virtual Impressions + More Ring Designs

Announcing Daisy a New Summery themed jewelry set with necklace and earrings in flower and leaf design. The set is made up of marquise, brilliant and pear gemstones. The jewelry is perfect for summer nights and formal occasions or to accompany daywear. There are for gem combinations to choose from, in Platinum and Diamonds, Platinum and Pink and White Diamonds, Platinum and Blue and White Diamonds and in Gold with Diamonds. Buy single necklace and earrings sets for only L$350 or buy all 4 for half full price at only L$700.

This week at Virtual Impressions main store Virtual Impressions Retail Members can buy the all platinum set for only L$220 and the fat packfor L$500. Buy from the Group Vendor Stand inside the door to your right, after joining the group and wearing you tag whilst buying.

Sets are Modify & Transfer.

Alson new is an additional colour to a popular shower of pearls set Danielle. This 5 Piece pearl set , including necklace earrings and a pair of bracelets was previously offered in White and Chocolate. By request now comes in Black Pearls.

The set is L$250 and a group offer of L$150 for the set is available this week from the group vendor stand.

Danielle is Modify & Transfer.

A new free gift is now instore, drop by to take your copy.

Shown below are montages of 2 new wedding ring designs released last week, following on from the previous releases, added are Precious and TrueLove. All rings are prettily boxed and come as singles, ie Men's Wedding Band, Ladies Engagement Ring, Ladies Combined Wedding and Engagement Ring, or as a Ladies set with 2 rings, or as a couples set with 3.

Rings are in metal either gold or platinum with diamonds.

Precious Collection In Gold

Precious Collection in Platinum

TrueLove Collection in Gold

TrueLove Collection in Platinum

All New Jewelry can be viewed in the Latest Jewelry Designs Board.

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