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Thursday, 25 February 2010

New Boots at Virtual Impressions 'Vanda'

Announcing 'Vanda' a new boot design with both thigh and knee high versions to choose from. The leather boots are of a slender style with straps and buckles to the tops. The knee boots attach to the lower leg and the thigh boots to the upper and lower leg attachment points.
A re-size script enables enlargement for fitting and boots are transferable. A range of single colours have been produced including, Black, White, Burgandy, Blue, Tan and Grey. The standard price for each is L$399 the thigh boots and L$320 for the knee length ones.
 A group discount this week is available on both versions in black, for the thigh boots of L$250 and the knee length of L$199. Buy at this discount from the Virtual Impressions group vendor stand to the right hand side of the entrance. Join  the group and wear your tag to buy.
All other shades can be found on the Latest Footwear Designs Board to the left hand side of the entrance, or in the boots dept.
A free demo for each can be tried before buying the boots complete with re-size script.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

New Jewelry at Virtual Impressions

4 New items have been put out this week at Virtual Impressions main store, 1 Jewelry Set 'Millie' a Group exclusive offer on a Classic Design 'Anastasia', a version on pink frost, and 2 Tiaras, 'Helen' & 'Sabrina,

Millie is a beaded design, the necklace having a v-shaped front in bead rows, with matching earrings. This design will match many outfits, both for formal and daytime occasions. The choices of bead includes White, Black, Burgandy and Pink Frost Crystal. Sets are modify and transfer as a gift, and the normal price is L$299 each. This week the white version can be bought for only L$199, from the group vendor stand by the stairs.

The second set is for Virtual Impressions group only,  classic & popular design, now in pink frost. This is a limited edition of 'Anastasia' necklace and earring set. You may buy from the group vendor stand for only L$70 until March 2010. This set is copy/modify.

The First of the 2 Tiara designs is 'Helen' a headband style design with a half circle of pear shaped gemstones, with flowers and brilliant cut gems. The choices are all diamonds on platinum, all diamonds on gold and pale pink & white diamonds on platinum. Tiaras are modify and transfer, and come with instructions on fitting to your hairstyle. The standard tiara price is L$599, and there is a group offer this week on the platinum & diamond version of only L$350.

The second Tiara is 'Sabrina', which matches a previously released jewelry set with the same name. The tiara is of an upright design with flower and leaves, made using heart and marquis cut gems. This tiara only comes in platinum & diamonds, and can be bought on its own for L$599 or with the Sabrina Jewelry set for only L$850. The tiara comes with instructions on how to fit to your hairstyle, and is modify & transfer as a gift.
A Group offer is on the Tiara and Jewelry set for only L$499.

All new jewelry can be found on the Latest Jewelry Designs stand and group offers can be bought from the Group Vendor stand. Join Virtual Impressions Group and wear your group tag to buy.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

4 New Ring Designs at Virtual Impressions

4 Ring Styles have been added to the collection this week, 2 which are scripted to change gemstones and metals, and 2 non-scripted designs.

The first is 'Romi'Visit Virtual Impressions Main Store, a modern design with 5 bands each with single brilliant cut diamonds. This design has been made for women, with options in either platinum or gold. The engagement ring and combined marriage right can be bought separately or together in  a  2 ring set, and for those who simply like this design a dress ring version is also avalable to buy. Rings are Modify & Transfer and are also veery attractively boxed for presentation.

The second design, also non scripted is 'Avalon'. This set has designs for both men and women, and features square cut diamonds with some stunningly real textures. The engagement ring has a large centre square cut gem wth 2 smaller ones on either side. The wedding band has 2 rows of very small suare cut gems.
The rings can be bought individually,or as a 3 ring set for couples, with engagement ring, ladies combined wedding ring and men's wedding band. Again choices are in Yellow Gold or Platinum. All sets are attractively  boxed and transferable, and are modify.
A discount offer for group members, is on the Platinum 3 ring set, buy for only L$350 this week instead of the standars price of L$560,  a saving of over 200L.

The first scripted design is 'Constance', featuring a large pear shaped gemstone surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds, on a ring base with brilliant stones to the centre of the band. The centre stone is scripted to change stone colour, a choice of Diamond, Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire, Aquamarine, Black Diamond, Pink Diamond, Emerald or Yellow Diamond. Metals can also change with options of Gold, Platinum, Antique Gold or Pewter. The touch menu script also allows for re-sizing. A variety of choices for ladies in this range, rings can be bought individually , in a 2 ring set or in a 3 ring set for couples, which includes the mans ring, 'Harmony', which matches the style. Also a dress ring the same as the engagement ring can be purchased, to wear in the right hand. All rings are boxed and transfer.
A discount offer on the Ladies Dress Ring can be bought for only L$180 instead of the standard price of L$299 this week by group members wearing their tag.

Lastly 'Enchanted' another scripted set with a similar style to 'Constance' except with a large brilliant cut gemsone surrounded by smaller diamonds, with pear shaped gems to the sides. The central stone and pears can be changed separately with the menu. The colour range and options are the same as with the previous set. Again all are boxed for presentation and are transferable.

All designs can be found in the ring section of the store or on the latest jewelry designs stand. Group offers can be bought from the group vendor stand by the stairs. Join Virtual Impressions Group and wear your tag to buy.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

2 New Jewelry Sets and a Free Gift at Virtual Impressions

Now instore for february a free gift and 2 new jewelry sets with a valentines theme. Please come pick up your free gift, via the lm at the bottom of this post.

The new jewelry sets, 'Patricia' & 'Romance', both with necklace and earrings included are a similar design with pendant style to the front.

Patricia features both pear and brilliant cut gemstones, on a platinum metal base. 4 options to choose from All Diamonds, Ruby with Diamonds, Sapphire and Diamonds and Emerald with Diamonds.

Jewelry is modifyable and transferable , perfect for gift giving.

Standard price is only L$280, and a group offer is avalable this week of only L$199 for the Sapphire and Diamond version. Joun Virtual Impressions group and wear your tag to buy from the group vendor stand next to the stairs.

The second set released is 'Romance', of a similar design style but with heart shaped gems and brilliant cut stones. Options avalable are in Gold with Diamonds, Ruby with Diamonds and Pink & White Diamonds.

This set is the same price at 'Patricia' at L$280, and this week the Ruby & Diamond version is on offer to group members for only L$199.

All new jewelry can be found on the Latest Jewelry Designs stand to the right of the stairs, or in the jewelry department.

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