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Sunday, 27 June 2010

2 New Pairs of Shoes and a Necklace at Virtual Impressions

Announcing 2 New Unique Shoe Designs, Lucy Ann and Tiffany, and also Laura a pretty necklace.

Lucy Ann is a high heeled shoe beautifully crafted with a modern style. This unique design has a laced up front and stringing to the sides. It comes with a menu HUD, which you can wear to change shoe colour, skin tone, nail polish and size. An infinite selection of colours can be achieved to make matching your outfit and skin a simple process. This shoe attaches to the lower leg, and you have only to adjust the height to fit your avatar, though re-size is possible via the menu.
The shoe price is L$370, and this week Virtual Impressions Retail Group Members may buy for only L$199. To take advantage of the offer, join via the group joiner sign and buy from the group vendor stand to the right of the entrance.

Tiffany is the second shoe to be released this week. It is again a high heeled ankle strap but with a square gem and bow decoration to the front and back and a hearts added between the shoe and heel, an unusual and attractive feature. Like Lucy Ann the shoe has a Hud Menu to change skin, shoe colour nails and size, and also attaches to the lower leg.
Tiffany is the same price as Lucy Ann at L$370 and again Group Members may buy for only L$199 this week.

Both of the shoes are Transfer and a Free Fully working demo (left foot only) is available to try before you buy.

 Lastly Laura a pretty necklace is also released. The necklace has a mix of pink heart gemstones and marquise cut diamonds in a laurel wreath shape. On silver metal the necklace is modify and transfer. The standard price is L$190 but group members may buy for L$99 this week only.
Buy from the group vendor stand inside the door to the right.

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Saturday, 19 June 2010

New Free Gift and Jewelry Design at Virtual Impressions

A new free necklace is out at Virtual Impressions main store Ekho. Drop by to pick up yours.

Also this week new out is Ariel a new elegant jewelry range wiith either all diamonds or a mix of pearls & diamonds. Each necklace and earrings set is a beautiful accessory to combine with formal wear to complete the elegant look. Also created for Ariel is a stunning Tiara which will enhance any bridal ensemble.

The Jewelry Sets come with a variety of combinations to suit all tastes, Gold with Diamonds, Gold with Antique White Pearls & Diamonds, Platinum & Diamonds, Platinum with Snow White Pearls and Diamonds, and finally Black Pearls and Diamonds on Black Metal.

Each set is L$360, or you may by the fat pack of 5 Sets for only L$900, half full price.

This week Virtual Impressions Retail Members may buy the Black Pearl and Diamonds and the Platinum & Diamonds Ariel for only L$199, or the Fat Pack of 5 for only L$600.

Join Virtual Impressions via the notice on the Group Vendor Stand inside the door to the right , and wear your group tag to buy.

The matching Tiara comes on its own in either Platinum or Gold with Diamonds, for L$599 or in a set including the necklace & earrings  for L$850.

Group Members may buy the Platinum & Diamond Tiara with Jewelry for only L$500. Ariel is Modify and Transfer.

All new Jewelry can be viewed on the Latest Jewelry Designs Board or in the Jewelry Section.

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Sunday, 13 June 2010

3 New Jewelry Designs at Virtual Impressions

This week 3 new styles of jewelry have been added, Madison Choker Pearl Jewelry Set, Belinda Large Pearl & Chain Necklaces and Athena a New Bridal Tiara.

Madison Choker Necklace is the latest in the Madison Range, with beautiful high quality pearl textures with maximum lustre and shine. The choker necklace comes with matching earrings which complete the look. Perfect for any Formal, Casual or Wedding event. 3 Colours to choose from, Snow White, Black and Antique Pearls. Each set is Mod and Transfer. Sets are L$320 eachand a group offer is on the Antique White Pearls for this week of only L$180.

Belinda is a large pearl and chain necklace to match any outfit, casual or formal. The pearls are in a mix of shades with 2 to choose from. Coffee & Cream , with Antique White, Black, Chocolate and Lemon Pearls, on a Gold Chain, or in Pastels with Pink, Blue Lemon Amethyst and Green Pearls on Silver Chain.

The necklace is modify and transfer and each costs L$190. Group members can buy the Coffee and Cream Belinda for only L$100.

Finally Athena is a new bridal tiara in gold or platinum with a mix of pear and brilliant cut diamonds. These are stunning diamond textures which will enhance any bridal ensemble and a unique design. Fitting instructions are included in the box. The Tiaras are Mod/Transfer .

Each Tiara is normally L$599 , but group members can buy the platinum tiara for half price at only L$299.

All group offers are for Virtual Impressions Retail Group, join the group vial the joiner on the group vendor stand to the right of the door. Wear the tag when buying from the Group Vendor Stand.

All new jewelry designs can be seen on the Latest Jewelry Designs Board, in the Foyer on the Right.

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Sunday, 6 June 2010

2 New Jewelry Sets and Group Offer at Virtual Impressions

2 New Jewelry Sets are at Virtual Impressions Main store, and also a group offer on a classic design.

The first Jewelry design is Angelina, a necklace and earrings set featuring a Spiders Web with Spider and Fly, decorated with Multi Coloured Heart Shaped Gemstones and Brilliant Cut Diamonds. A very pretty set, despite the subject lol. The Jewelry is on Gold or Silver, and the large matching earrings are perfectly co-ordinated.

Sets are L$340 each but group members can buy the Silver this week for only L$190, from the group Vendor Stand. Sets are Mod/Transfer.

Join Virtual Impressions Retail , click on the sign on the Group Vendor Board (to the right of the front door) and wear your tag to buy.

The other design released this week is Madison Dream, a pearl 3 Piece Set, in the Madison Range. The Necklace is 4 Strands of beautiful pearls with matching earrings.

4 shades of pearls are available inc Antique White, Chocolate, Black and Snow White, or you may buy all 4 for half full price.

Standard Price for single colours is L$350 and fat pack L$700.

Group Offers are on the Antique White, which you can buy for L$200 and the fat pack of only L$500, which works out at only L$125 a set. Buy from the group vendor stand, wearing your Virtual Impressions Retail Group Tag when Buying. Sets are Transfer.

All New Jewelry can be viewed on the Latest Jewelry Designs Board to the Right of the front door, or in the jewelry department.

Finally a Group offer is on Flowers of Love , 4 Piece Set, Including Necklace, Earrings and a Bracelet, in Silver with Pink Sapphires. This Pretty Floral Design may be bought by

Group Members for L$25 only, from the Group Vendor Stand. Dont miss this unbeatable offer whilst it lasts.

Released Last Week But unable to post on the Blog, India Necklace in Red's and Yellows or Blues and Greens, Featuring a Peacock Design .