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Sunday, 26 February 2012

New Jewelry, Shoes & Group Gift at Virtual Impressions

Released today, is the Jewelry Collection Majestic, which includes a 3 piece necklace & earrings set and a wedding rings selection. Also new a New Shoe, Electra and a New Group Gift Adelle Jewelry.

Electra Shoes are a one script per shoe & hud sexy court shoe, high heel, and ability to tint skin tone, she body, studs and heel, also size.
This week group members can buy at over 50% off at L$150
and you can try a free demo before buying.

The second release is majestic, featuring a raised flower design. This is best viewed on the photos below, and offered are necklace & earrings sets, wedding rings and bands.
All 6 necklace earrings sets are offered at L$170 a set to members, and fat pack of all 6 at L$499. an amazing discount on the standard price.

In the rings selection, couples 3 ring sets are on offer at only L$300, & Ladies 2 rings sets at L$250 each.
Single rings are also available.

Lastly a New Group Gift is out today, Adelle in Tangerine & White Diamonds. Stop by and take a copy.

Please Join Virtual Impressions Retail Group & Wear your Tag to buy at the discounted prices from the Group Members Stand, inside the entrance on the right.

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

New Group Gift, Jewelry & Rings at Virtual Impressions

Announcing 2 new jewelry designs, a 3 piece necklace & earrings set, Tamara, and a rings collection Forget-me-Not, both with a floral theme.

Tamara is a V shape leaf necklace with center flower in diamonds or mixed gems & diamonds. There are 5 colours to choose from, and each is offered this week at over 50% off to members at L$160 a set. The fat pack of all 5 colours is also at over 50% off, at only L$450.

The Forget-me-Not rings collection is , as the name suggests based on the spring flower, but with diamonds, either on gold or platinum. Rings are offered as singles, engagement and combined ladies rings, or as sets, 2 rings for women, or 3 rings for couples. This week the multiple rings sets are offered at over 50% off to members, L$250 for the ladies sets and L$325.

With all discounted items please join Virtual Impressions Retail Group & wear your tag to buy from the members stand (inside the entrance to the right).

Lastly a new group gift is out, Key to my Heart Necklace, in rubies on Gold. To pick up this limited edition, please join the group and click on the sign wearing your tag.

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Sunday, 5 February 2012

New Valentines Jewelry & Free Gift at Virtual Impressions

Now at Virtual Impressions, Jewelry items with a Valentines theme, Romantic Moments Necklace & Earrings sets, I Love U Necklaces, Lovers Hearts Necklaces, Mens DogTag Id Necklaces , and Coeur Rings Collection.
So many to choose for to express your love for somone special.
With so many new items, I could not offer everything at 50% off, however you will find a major selection on offer to members at half off normal price.
See Photos and info below for full details

Romantic Moments Jewelry at L$160 a set, the fat pack of all 4 sets at L$450 , half normal price.

2 necklaces to add up to 10 characters, I Love You, ladies necklaces and Men's Dogtag Necklaces in either gold or silver at L$120, half full price.

1 Ladies necklace to add 2 initials, Lovers Hearts also at L$120.

And finally a Hearts Ring Set Coeur, where the couples 3 ring set is L$350 this week.

NB single rings and ladies sets are also available in the collection.

With all discounted items please join Virtual Impressions Retail Group & wear your tag whist buying from the members stand (inside the door on the right).

All other new valentines jewelry can be seen on a board to the left of the entrance.

Lastly a free gift is out by the stairs

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