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Saturday, 28 May 2011

New Jewelry & Free Gift at Virtual Impressions

Announcing Katrina, an elegant 3 piece jewelry set with diamonds and gemstones. This classic design sparkles, with pear and brilliant cut gems.
There are 6 combinations to choose from, see photos for included stones.
Each Necklace & Earring Set is L$360, but this week Group Members may buy the Ruby & Diamond, Emerald & Diamond and Platinum & Diamond Versions for Half Price at L$180.
A Fat Pack of all 6 Sets can be bought for only L$540 by Members, normal price L$1080.

With all discounted jewelry Join Virtual Impressions Retail Group &  buy from the group vendor stand whilst wearing your tag.
All new jewelry can be viewed on the Latest Jewelry Designs Stand to the right of the stairs.

Lastly a New Free Gift is now instore. Stop by to pick up your copy.

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Saturday, 21 May 2011

New Jewelry Shannon & Group Special Jewelry Out Now

A New Jewelry Set, Shannon is out at Virtual Impressions. The Set Features a Double String of Pearls with a Beautiful Diamond Flower to the Right Side.
There are 3 colours in this range, Antique White on Gold, Snow White on Silver and Black on Dark Metal.
Each set is priced at L$360, but this week group members may buy each at half price L$180. There is also a fat pack of 3 for the price of 2, which this week is offered to group members for only L$360, the price of 1 necklace & earrings set.

Lastly a New Group Only Special offer, Danielle Necklace & Earrings in Smoke Grey for only L$50.
To take advantage of all discount offers  Join Virtual Impressions Retail & Buy from the Group Vendor Stand whilst wearing your tag.

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Saturday, 14 May 2011

New Jewelry and Free Gift at Virtual Impressions

A New Jewelry Design Adelle is out now at Virtual Impressions.
Adelle is a delicate design with swags and pear gemstones.
5 options in this design, Gold & Diamonds & Platinum & Diamonds, in both a 3 Piece Jewelry Set, and also a Tiara & Jewelry Set.
Also for those who want a more versatile item , a Scripted Set with 11 Pear Gemstone options and 5 Metals colours.

All sets are offered at Half Price to Group Members , L$160 for the Gold or Platinum with diamonds jewelry sets, L$425 for the Tiara Sets and L$280 for the Menu Change Set.
Join the Inworld Group & Wear Tag to Buy the offers from the group vendor stand.

In Support of the Japan Relief Fund , though Americares, 2 exclusive items have been created with 100% of the Proceeds going to Charity.
Flower Cascade in Antique Pearls with Spring Flowers at L$380

Natasha Jewelry in Red Beads at L$360.

Buy from the stand nearest the stairs.
And finally a New Free Gift item is out. Stop by to pick up your copy .

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Saturday, 7 May 2011

New Jewelry & Group Special Now at Virtual Impressions

A New Jewelry Design, Ruth is now for sale at Virtual Impressions . The Design features a Necklace of Square Cut and Brilliant Stones with a Hanging Pendant with a Large Oval Gemstone surrounded by Diamonds.
Ruth has 6 gemstome options and a Fat pack of all 6 for Half price.
See Photos for Options.

3 of the single sets are on offer at Half Normal Price for Group Members, the All Diamonds, Emeralds and Diamonds and the Deep Ruby with Diamonds. all at L$160. The Fat Pack too cam be bought by members for onlyL$480, half the usual price, only L$80 per set.
To take advantage of the half price discount Join the inworld group and buy from the Group Vendor Stand whist wearing your Tag.

All new jewelry can be seen on the Latest Jewelry Designs Board to the right of the stairs
Lastly out exclusively for Group Members is Fleur in Peach Peals & Diamonds on Gold, at L$75. This necklace and earrings set is copy/modify.

Buy from the Group Stand whist wearing your tag after joining Virtual Impressions Retail.

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