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Sunday, 20 March 2011

New Jewelry, Group Special & Free Gift at Virtual Impressions

A New Jewelry Design, Camilla has been released at Virtual Impressions. New too is a group Excluisve colour for Emma a 3 piece jewelry set, and a New Free Gift is out in the store.

Camilla is a beautiful and delicate design with a Choker Necklace in a mix of pearls and gemstones with centre motif. It comes with matching earrings, and also you may buy a 5 piece set with bracelets too.
3 Options in this design, Antique White Pearls, Diamonds and Gold, Snow White Pearls and Diamonds on Silver and Black Pearls and Diamonds on Dark Metal.
Buy either the 3 piece set for L$360 or 5 Piece for L$420.

This week all colours on the 5 piece sets can be bought for only L$180, less than half price. To Take advantage of the disount , join Virtual Impressions Retail Group and Wear the Tag whilst buying.
Buy the offers from the group vendor board wearing to the immediate right hand side of the entrance

All sets can be seen on the latest jewelry designs board.

A new Group Exclusive Colour in Emma, a 3 piece Jewelry set, in Tangerine and Diamonds, can be bought from the group vendor stand for only L$80. This set is no transfer.

Again, Join the group to buy. Only from the group Vendor Stand.
Lastly come pick up a new free gift now at Virtual Impressions Main store.
Visit Virtual Impressions Main Store

Sunday, 13 March 2011

New Jewelry, Group Special and Fashion for Life Info from Virtual Impressions

A New Jewelry Design , Natalie, is out today. Complete with Pearls & Diamonds, it has an eastern look which is elegant and showy.

3 options for this set, Gold, Antique White Pearls & Diamonds, Platinum, Snow White Pearls & Diamonds, and Black Pearls with Black Diamonds.
Normal Price is L$360, but all 3 can be bought by Virtual Impressions Group Members can buy each for half price, L$180.

Also a St Patricks Day group only Jewelry set, Paige in Gold, Deep Emeralds and Diamonds. This set is copy/modify, and you may buy only from the Group Vendor Stand for L$80.

Join Virtual Impressions Retail Group and wear your group tag whist buying, to take advantage of the discounts above.

Landmark to Virtual Impressions

Last but not least Virtual Impressions is in the Fashion for Life Charity Event in aid of the American Cancer Society. It begins today 12th March, until the 22nd. 4 unique items have been made by me for FFL and you may see them at Virtual Impressions Main Store and also at Fashion For Life Arbus Sim. Each is L$250 with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.

Also try your luck with the random Gift Giver Gatcha. Pay L$50 and recieve one of 6 Jewelry Sets.

And a L$10 Hunt Item is hidden somewhere within the store at Arbus Sim.

All the FFL Items pictured , gives 100% of the Price to the Charity

Virtual Impressions Store at Fashion for Life

Saturday, 5 March 2011

New Jewelry and Free Gift at Virtual Impressions

A New Jewelry Design, Paige is out at Virtual Impressions Main Store.

Page is an elegant 3 piece necklace & earrings set with a mix of Pear, Brilliant and Trilion cut stones on gold or silver metal. A very classy set which also makes a statement.

4 colours are in this design, Gold with Deep Red Ruby, Gold with Diamonds, Platinum with Diamonds and Platinum with Sapphires.

Each set is L$360 but this week Virtual Impressions Retail group members may buy the Gold and Ruby or Platinum with Diamond sets for half price L$180. Also pay L$450 on the fat pack of all 4, also half the normal price of L$900.

To Buy half price jewelry, join Virtual Impressions Retail Group and wear your tag whist paying at the group vendor stand, which is to the immediate right on entry.
All other colours can be seen on the latest Jewelry designs board , to the right of the stairs.

Please come to pick up your copy your free gift item, also new out today.
Landmark to Virtual Impressions Main Store