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Saturday, 28 August 2010

New Boots, Free Gift and Necklace at Virtual Impressions

Announcing a New Short Elegant Heeled Boot, Kay, which comes in Suede with Pretty Button and Chain Design. Also has zipper to the inside. The Boot attaches to the lower leg and is modify and transfer.

The Boots come in 6 shades, Black with Black Pearl Buttons, Red with Black Pearl Buttons, Blue with Blue Pearl Buttons, Grey with Grey Pearl Buttons, Brown with Brown Onyx Buttons and Copper Chain and White with Mother of Pearl Buttons and Gold Chain , Sole an Heel.

Come Try a Free Demo before you Buy.

Buy individually for L$299 each or as a fat pack of 6 , at half full price of L$900.
This week Virtual Impressions Retail Group Members can buy the Black or White versions for only L$150 or the Fat Pack for only L$450.

Buy from the group vendor stand whilst wearing your group tag.

Also new this week is Tamsin a long Double necklace with Clover design and Clover pendant with Diamonds.

3 colours to choose from , Silver with Mother of Pearl & Diamonds, Gold with Mother of Pearl and Diamonds and Black with Black Pearl and Black Diamonds.

Normal Price for Tamsin is L$199, and this week group members can buy the Silver version for only L$99.

Wear you group tag and buy from the group vendor stand .

Dont forget your new free gift .

Kay Boots can be seen on the latest Footwear Designs Board, in the Foyer on the left, and the Necklaces are on the Latest Jewelry Designs Board on the right.

The Group Vendor Stand is to the immediate right side of the entrance.

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Ty for looking

Chrissy Ambrose

Virtual Impressions

Saturday, 21 August 2010

New Shoes and Jewelry at Virtual Impressions

Annoucing Pamela , a new open shoe design with Foot and Toes. This style features a Pretty Diamante Butterfly to the front with bow and also to the back .

The Shoe attaches to the lower leg and comes with Hud to change Skin Tone, Shoe Colour/Color Nail Polish and Size.
Match any outfit perfectly.
Come Try a free fully working demo before buying .

Group Members can buy the shoes this week for L$180. (Normal price L$370).
Wear your group tag to buy from the group vendor stand.
Also new this week is Hermione a 3 piece pendant style jewelry set, with necklace and earrings. This sparkly set has pear and briliant cut gemstones, which are perfect to complement any formal dress.

3 options to choose from on Platinum, all diamond, black and white diamond and rubies and white diamonds.
Buy the all diamond version for only L$160 this week from the group vendor stand.

The normal price is L$340.

See all new jewelry in the Latest Jewelry Designs Board, on the right side in the foyer.

The Group vendor stand is on the immediate right of the front door. Join Virtual Impressions Retail Group and wear your group tag whilst buying to take advantage of discount offers.

Landmark to Virtual Impressions

Sunday, 15 August 2010

New Jewelry, Free Gift and Group Special Offer at Virtual Impressions.

A New Free Gift is out now at Virtual Impressions Main Store, Please stop by take your copy.

Released this week Abigail and Anita, 2 new jewelry designs both with pearl flowers , marquise cut leaves brilliant cut and pear gemstones. Both sets come with Necklace and Earrings. Abigail is a round to the chest and has a few swags of flowers with hanging gems to the front.

Anita is a V shape front.

Abigail comes in Platinum or Gold with Pearls and Diamonds, and Anita is in Platinum or Summer Bouquet, with samon flower pearls lemon diamonds and green marquise cut leaves.

Both sets are modify & transfer. The standard price is L$360 a set, but there is a Group Offer on the Gold Abigail and Platinum Anita of half price at L$180 this week.


Lastly Group members can buy the classic Grace Jewelry set in Gold with Pink Sapphires and Diamonds for only L$10. This Necklace and earring set is modify and copy only.

Group offers can be bought from the Group Vendor Stand inside the Door to the immediate right side.

Join Virtual Impressions Retail Wear your Tag whilst buying.

All new jewelry can be seen on the latest jewelry designs board to the right side of the stairs.

Visit Virtual Impressions Main Store

Saturday, 7 August 2010

New Nails and Jewelry at Virtual Impressions

Announcing Gwen Texture Change Naila and Gwendoline Jewelry, Released this week.

Gwen is a Menu Driven Texture Change Nails set with Dress Ring (worn on the right hand) and Tiny Gemstones to the nails.
Included are 18 Nail Polish Textures, 10 Gemstones, which change the Large Square Stone to the Ring and the small square gems on the nails.
Also for the dress ring you can choose from 5 metal colours.
To activate the Menu touch nails and choose appearance to change textures .
Also you may ajust size slightly for a perfect fit, using the menu options.
The Nails come in 4 sizes to fit hands, 0, 10, 20, and 30.
Try the free fully working demos to discover which is best for you.
Also in the box is a hand animation overrider. This is supplied only to be worn when the nails appear to be not aligned with the hand position. You will not need to wear it if your Ao keeps your hands relaxed already.

A Group Offer is on these nails , all sizes can be bought for only L$180 this week (half full price).

To Take Advantage of the group offer, Join Virtual Impressions Retail Group
Wear your Virtual Impressions Group Tag to Buy from the Group Vendor Stand.

Standard Nail Price is L$360 and nails are Transfer.

The second new release is Gwendonline a 4 Piece Jewelry Set including Necklace Earrings and Bracelet.

The Design features Square Cut Gemstones surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds.
A very elegant formal set to wear with a special gown.
3 Options to choose from , in Gold with Diamonds, Platinum and Diamonds an in Black & White Diamonds.
Sets are Modify and Transfer.

A Group offer is on the Platinum and Diamond set at half full price for only L$180.

Buy from the group vendor stand whilst wearing your group tag.

The Group Offer Stand can be found to the immediate right of the entrance, all new jewelry can be seen on the Latest Jewelry Designs Board in the foyer on the right


Sunday, 1 August 2010

New Free Gift and Jewelry at Virtual Impressions

Stop by to pick up your new free gift at Virtual Impressions main store and check out 2 new jewelry designs, Devina and Margaret.

Devina is a 5 Piece Jewelry set with Chain and Clover Style Motif in either Mother of Pearl or Moonstones. The Necklace has 3 strands to the front and 2 to the back, perfect for a low cut or backless outfit .
The sets come with a matching pair of earrings and a pair of bracelets.

The options in this set are in either Gold with Mother of Pearl, Gold with Blue Moonstones, Silver with Mother of Peals, Silver with Summer Shades and Black with Black Metal.

Single sets are priced at L$390 and are modify and transfer.
This week there is a group offer of only L$180 for the Gold with Mother of Pearl and the Silver with Summer Shades. Buy the Discounted Jewelry from the Group vendor Stand to the immediate right of the door, after joining Virtual Impressions Retail Group.

The second set is Margaret a pretty jewelry design which clings close to the neckline. The Jewerly has Square Cut, Pear and Brilliant Cut Gemstones on Platinum Metal. A matching pair of earrings go with the necklace.
 4 options to pick from in this design, All diamonds, black and white diamonds, amethyst and diamonds and Aqua Topas with Diamonds.  Buy singly for only L$320 or the fat pack of 4 for L$640, half full price.

For this week only the Amethyst and Diamond version can be bought for L$160 and the Fat pack for only L$320, the normal price of 1 set, buy group members wearing their tag.

All jewelry is Modify and Transfer, and can be viewed on the latest jewelry designs board to the right on entry. Group offers are from the group vendors stand to the immediate right of the door. Join and buy wearing your tag to take advantage of the offers.

The Free Gift can be found by the stairs in the Foyer.

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