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Sunday, 31 October 2010

New Ankle Boots at Virtual Impressions

New Ankle Boots "Lynne" are now at Virtual Impressions main store.

The Boots are High Heeled with layers of flexible fringing to the ankle and buckle and strap to the top. The Boots are worn on the lower leg and are modify and transferable.
The Boots are in 3 colours, Black, White and Burgandy.
Come try on a free demo before buying.
Single Colours are L$299 and the fat pack of all 3 is L$499, less than the price of 2.
This week Virtual Impressions Group Members may buy the Black for only L$150 or the Fat Pack for L$250, half normal price.

Please Join the group and Buy from the group vendor stand whilst wearing your Tag .
Find the Group Stand just inside the entrance on the right, and all new boot designs can be seen on the latest footwear designs board to the left of the stairs.

Landmark to Virtual Impressions

Friday, 29 October 2010

Styles of edo 2011 Tuxedo Collection

Postponed from September due to unforseen circumstances, Styles of edo will stage its long awaited 2011 Tuxedo Collection Show on Saturday 6th November at 2pm SLT.

To see the best in formal menswear, be sure to make a date in your diary for this upscale event.
Hope to see you there. Please use the landmark below

Your Landmark to Styles of edo 2011 Tuxedo Show

Sunday, 24 October 2010

New Boots and Necklace at Virtual Impressions

Announcing Andrea a New Short Boot Design and Faith a New Cross Necklace .

Andrea is a short high heeled boot with wrinked fur lined top, with chain, padlock and key decoration to the side. It also has a buckle an strap.

There are 4 shades, black with pewter, red with pewter, grey with pewter and white with gold.

The boots attach to the lower leg, to prevent ugly alignments on movement. The boots are modify an transfer. Come try a free demo before buying.

Single Colours are L$299 and the fat pack of 4 is half full price at L$599.

A Group offer is currently on the Black for only L$150 an the fat pack for L$300 (the normal cost of 1 pair).

Buy the special offers from the group vendor stand after joining Virtual Impressions Retail Group & wearing your group tag to buy.

The second release is a pretty cross themed necklace Faith. The necklace is pendant style with gemstones and pearl, a very elegant design which can be worn anytime.

5 options to choose from, Gold with Diamonds and Antique White Peals, Gold with Diamonds, Rubies an Antique White Pearls, Silver with Diamonds and Snow White Pearls, Silver with Multi Coloured Gemstones and Snow White Pearls and Black with Black Pearls an Diamonds.

Each Necklace is L$180 and is modify and transfer. Group Members may buy the Silver with Multi Coloured gems or the Black version for only L$90.

Buy the offers from the group vendor stand whilst wearing your tag after joining the inworld group.

Also Currently in Virtual Impressions Main Store Soon to be retired Jewelry Boots and Shoes are 75% off or more. Please see sale room for selection on offer, most items L$50 or less.
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Saturday, 16 October 2010

New Boots and Jewelry at Virtual Impressions

2 New Releases this week, Carolyn a new boot design and Lorriane a New 3 Piece Jewelry Set.

Carolyn is Unique below the knee length boot in suede fabric with Frill and Button detail to the ouside and Zipper to the inside.

The boot is attached to the lower leg , aotnd has a deletable re-size script, to make it easier to ajust, however the boots are modify after the script is removed.e

The boots come in 4 colours, Black, White Grey and Red, and you can buy the single shades for L$320 or all 4 for half price L$640.

This week Virtual Impressions Retail group members can buy the Black for only L$160 or the fat pack for only L$320, the normal price of 1. Please join the Group to take avantage of the discount offers and buy from the Group Vendor Stand whilst wearing your tag.

Come try a free demo .

The second new release is Lorriane a pretty and delicate necklace and earrings set with bow and floral detail. Only 2 options for this set in either Gold or Platinum with Diamonds.

The price of this set is L$299 and group members may buy either for only L$150.

The Group Vendor Stand is to the right side of the entrance, please buy items from here whilst wearing your group tag.

New boots can be viewed on the Latest Footwear Designs Board on the left side of the stairs.
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Sunday, 10 October 2010

New Boots, Charm Bracelet , Halloween Group Special and Free Gift

Announcing New Ankle Boots 'Fearn', Deardra Charm Bracelets, 50 Lindens Halloween Group Offer on Angelina is Black, and a New Halloween Themed Free Gift.
Fearn is a Unique Ankle Boot with Stap and Buckle Detail which attaches to the lower leg.
4 Shades have been created with matching sole and leather straps.
Black, Burgandy, Grey and White.
The Boots come with a re-size script but when deleted the boots are still modify.
Come Try a Free Demo before buying.
Standard Price is L$299 a pair, and the Fat pack of all 4 is only L$599, half price.

This week however group members may buy the black for L$150 or the fat pack for the price of 1 pair L$300.
Please Join Virtual Impressions Retail Group and Buy from the group vendor stand whilst wearing your Tag.


Next is Deardra a pretty charm bracelet with charms such as Butterfly, Key, Hearts , Star, Flowers, Gems and Clover on a metal chain with Padlock.

Worn on the left arm its sure to be a must for your wardrobe.
The Bracelets are in Gold or Silver, an normal price for 1 is L$180. This week group members may buy either for only L$90 from the group vendor stand.

The last Group item is Angelina in Black, released earlier in the year in Gold and Silver, this set is the perfect accessory for Halloween with Web , Spider and Fly Detail. This is only for Group members at this special offer price until the end of the month.
Lastly come buy an pick up your free Halloween Gift.

The Group Vendor Stand can be found to the immediate right side of the entrance, please wear your Virtual Impressions Retail Group Tag whilst Buying. Join Via the sign on the stand.

All new boots can be seen on the Latest Footwear Designs Board to the left side of the stairs.
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Sunday, 3 October 2010

2 New Jewelry Items at Virtual Impressions

Announcing Melanie a new 3 Piece Formal Jewelry set and Tina  pretty Charm Necklace.

Melanie is an assymetric necklace with bow on the left side, decorated with square cut and hanging pear gems. The necklace comes with matching bow earrings.

2 metal options available for this set in yellow gold or platinum with each with white diamonds.

A 3 piece set is usually L$360, but this week Virtual Impressions Retail Group members can buy for L$180, half price. Buy from the Group Vendor Stand after joining the group.

The secon release is Tina an attractive pearl and chain double strand necklace with hanging charms, a mix of hearts, stars, flowers, clover and gems.

Tina comes is 3 colours, Autumn Shades, with gold chain and seasonal colours, Silvery Shades, with Silver and muted hues , and Summer Shades with a mix of brighter colours on silver.

The price for a necklace is L$220, and this week the Autumn and Silvery Necklace is on offer for L$99 to Group Members, Less than Half Price.

All new jewelry is modify and transfer.

Find the group vendor stand to the immediate right of the entrance, wear your group tag whilst buying to take advantage of the opeing offers.

All new jewelry can be viewed on the Latest Jewelry Designs Stand to the right of the stairs in the Foyer.

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