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Saturday, 30 April 2011

New Free Gift & Flower Cascade Jewelry at Virtual Impressions

A New Free Gift is instore to pick up now, stop by to get your copy.

Plus a New Jewelry Release 'Flower Cascade', which is a dramatic new Necklace & Earring design featuring pearls, flowers and leaves with gems as an accent.
6 colours have been created to suit all tastes.
See Pictues for variations.

Each Set is L$380, normal price , and there is a Fat Pack of all 6 for L$1400, less than the price of 4.
This week Virtual Impressions Group Members may buy 3 of the single sets for less than half price, The Antique White Pearls, The Red Pearls and the Summer Bouquet, each for L$180. Also the Fat Pack may be bought by members for L$700, half the usual price.

To Take Advantage of the Offers, Join Virtual Impressions Retail Group and Buy from the Group Vendor Stand whist wearing your Tag.

Kate is also out this week in a Transfer version, the 4 piece set including dress ring is also on offer for less than half price at L$180.

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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Group Gift & New Jewelry at Virtual Impressions

Happy Easter As a special gift is instore to anyone who joins Virtual Impressions group, next to the Group vendor Board is a Limited Edition Group Only Gift to take either today Easter Sunday or tomorrow, Easter Monday. Only 600 avalable.

Join the Group & wear Virtual Impressions Retail Group Tag to Take a copy.
Also New Jewelry Celine is out now in Pearls, a Collar style design with Matching Earrings.

In Black, Snow White and Antique White Pearls.

Each Set is L$360, but group members may buy the Black and Antique White for L$180, also a Fat Pack of all 3 is half price at L$360 for Group Members , Normally L$720, 3 sets for the price of 2.

Lastly out now is Kate a New Ladies Wedding Ring Design in Sapphires surrounded by diamonds, Buy the engagement or combined rings , or a set of both at L$560.

Group Members may buy the 2 ring set for L$280.

All group offers are on the Group Vendor Stand, Join the Group to buy and also to take the Group Easter Gift.

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Royal Wedding Commemorative Jewelry Offer at Virtual Impressions

To Commemorate the British Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton a new jewelry design 'Kate' is now on offer exclusively to Group Members in a Copy Version until 29th April.

Kate is based on the Beautiful Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring, Given to her formerly owned by Princess Diana.
The Set includes a Choker Style Pearl, Diamond & Sapphire Necklace, 2 Matching Earrings and a Dress Ring.
To purchase the set for yourself at L$90 Join Virtual Impressions Retail Group & buy from the group vendor stand, whist wearing your tag.

This set will be for sale after the wedding to all, in a Transfer version for L$380.

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Sunday, 17 April 2011

New Easter Jewelry, Free Easter Gift and Tiara Design at Virtual Impressions

A New Easter Themed Jewelry Set featuring an egg with spring flowers, pearls & gems is at Virtual Impressions Main Store.

The necklace is on a long chain with flexi tassels and the set has a pair of matching earrings.
2 options in this set in Gold (with lemon flowers and green leaves, antique white pearls, and diamonds) or in Silver (with pink flowers, green leaves and snow white pearls),

Both sets are L$250, and group members can buy for only L$125 this week.
To take advantage of this offer, Join Virtual Impressions Retail Group and Wear the Tag whist buying.

Also for Easter, a free gift located near the stairs.

Lastly a New Tiara with Match the Camilla Choker and Earrings Design released in March. The Tiara is an intricate lattice design with Pearls & Diamonds, a beautiful and eye catching accessory to complement any wedding or ultra formal ensemble.

Sets including Tiara are L$850 and 3 colours , Antique White Pearls with Gold , Snow White Pearls with Silver and Black Pearls with Black Diamonds are for sale.

All the Tiara and Jewelry sets are on offer to group members for less than half price at L$399.

Buy all offers from the group member stand after Joining the Group whilst wearing your Tag.

Find the Group Stand inside the door to the right of the entrance.

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Saturday, 9 April 2011

New Jewelry, Group Special & Rings at Virtual Impressions

Announcing Silvia, a New Choker Necklace with Earrings in 5 Colours.

See Photos for Gem options each at L$360, or a Fat Pack of all 5 can be bought for the price of 3 L$1080.

For this week Virtual Impresions Group Members can buy the Snow Pearls with Violet and Antique White Pearls with Red Moonstones for Half Price L180 each, and also the Fat Pack for Less than Half the normal price $450 (only L$90 a set).
Buy the offers from the Group Vendor Stand After Joining the group.

A Group Limited Edition, Gabrielle Jewelry Set in Chocolate Pearls & Quartz is on the Group Vendor Board at only L$50. This set is copy/modify. Please Join the Group to Buy.

Lastly a New Wedding Ring Design ,Destiny is out, with Men's Wedding Band, Ladies Engagement and Ensemble rings in the Range

With 3 Square Cut Gems and Chain & Diamond Decoration to the Bands, this is a Beautiful Design to demonstrate commitment.
2 Colours in Platinum or Gold with Diamonds. Buy Rings individually, Boxed or as a 3 Ring Couples set for L$750.

Both Couples rings are on offer to Group Members for L$375, Half Price. See images for Detail.

All Discount Group Offers can be bought from the Group Stand whist wearing Virtual Impressions Retail Tag.

All other New Jewelry can be Viewed on the Latest Jewelry Designs Stand to the Right of the Stairs.

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Saturday, 2 April 2011

New Jewelry, Tiara, Eyes and Free Gift at Virtual Impressions

New This Week at Virtual Impressions

1. Martha a New 3 Piece Jewelry Set.

2. A New Tiara Set in Black Pearls in the Felicity Design,

3. A New 12 Colour Eye Range

4. A New Free Gift

Martha is an elegant necklace and earrings set with a floral theme, A unique design with diamonds and pearls . Can be worn with most outfits , not strictly formal.

3 options, Gold Antique White Pearls & Diamonds, Silver Snow White Pearls & Diamonds and Black Pearls & Diamonds.

Each set is only L$360, and this week there is a half price introductory offer for Group Members for the Snow White and Black Versions for L$180. Join Virtual Impressions Retail Group & Buy from the group vendor stand .

The next new item is a Tiara for the Felicity Design in Black Pearls & Diamonds. This was a special request and It looked very attractive so I thought It should go on sale to all.

Combined with the jewelry set Felicity in Black has a normal price of L$850. Again Ive put this on offer to group members this week for less than half price at L$399.

Please wear your tag whilst buying after joining the group.

A range of eyes, Impressions, is also on sale 12 colours of natural shades with lovely natural texturing.

Individual colours are L$40 and you may buy the fat pack of 12 for L$350 , This week Group Members can buy the fat pack for only L$175, making each eye colour only L$14.

Buy the Fat Pack from the Group Vendor Stand at the discount price.

Finally a New Free Gift is out now.

Offers are on the group vendor stand, Please join the Group and your Tag whilst buying.

All Jewelry can be seen on the Latest Jewelry Designs Stand to the right of the stairs.

A Stand in the Foyer has the Eye Range.
Landmark to Virtual Impressions
Last weeks release was a unique Ladies Casual Shoe Design , Ladies Saddle Shoes , which come in a range of 18 shades , 8 in pastels and 10 standard colours.
Singles are available to buy as well as Fat Packs of the Pastel or Standard Ranges. A Free Demo is provided to try before you buy
See Photos for Colours

Nb Mens Saddle Shoes are now at Styles of edo in 2 Styles, Designed and Created by Virtual Impressions

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