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Sunday, 30 January 2011

New Customisable Jewelry and Group Special at Virtual Impressions

Announcing Roxanne a New Jewelry Range with Text Changer via Menu. The Range has both Necklaces and Id Bracelets which may be bought separately or in a a set with both.

The Menu allows for a maximum of 10 Characters, including spaces. It is simple to centralise a name or create 2 short words with a space between, as unwanted letters can be hidden. The Jewelry is either in Gold or Silver with Diamonds or Ruby & Diamonds.

Id Bracelets are L$199, Necklaces L$280 and Sets L$380.

Offers this week for Virtual Impressions Group Members are on, 2 ID Bracelets, Silver, Ruby and Diamonds, and Gold with Diamonds, for half price at L$99, 2 Necklaces, Silver with Diamonds and Gold Ruby & Diamonds at L$140, and 2 sets, the Silver Ruby & Diamonds and Gold with Diamonds for L$190.

In all cases buy these half price offers fromt the Group Vendor Stand wearing the Virtual Impressions Retail Tag.

All other colour combinations can be seen on the latest Jewelry Designs Board.

Lastly a new group only special offer , Theresa in Chocolate Pearls and Quartz, can be bought for only L$80 from the Group Vendor Stand. This set is copy only.

Landmark to Virtual Impressions

Sunday, 23 January 2011

New Jewelry and Free Gift at Virtual Impressions

Introducing The Passion Jewelry Range with a Romantic Theme, of Hearts and Gems.

This Range has 2 Product Items, firstly a 3 Piece Jewelry Set with Heart Design and Flexi Tassles to the Long Necklace and Earrings.
This set comes in 6 variations of colour way , Gold with Diamonds and Pearl, Silver with Diamonds and Pearl, Gold with Mahogany Obsidian and Deep Rubies, Silver with Mahogany Obsidian and Deep Rubies, Gold with Pink Diamonds and Opal , and Silver with Pearl and Amethysts.
Each single set is L$360 and is Modify and Transfer.
Virtual Impressions Half Price Offers this week are on the Gold with Rubies, Silver with Rubies and Silver with Diamonds at L$180 each and the Fat pack of all 6 at L$600, which works out at only L$100 a set.
Join the Group to Buy the half price jewelry from the Group Vendor Stand . Wear the Group Tag to purchase.
All other sets are on the Latest Jewelry Designs Board

The Second Item in the Passion Range is a Necklace in a similar design on a shorter chain, complete with Initials Disc.

This will enable you to add the Initials of yourself and a loved one , using a simple Menu.
The Passion Initial Necklace comes in 4 Colours, Gold with Diamonds and Obsidian, Gold with Rubies and Mahogany Obsidian, Silver with Diamonds and Obsidian and Silver with Rubies and Mahogany Obsidian.

Each Necklace is L$280 and Group Members may buy the Gold with Diamonds or the Silver with Rubies for Half Price at L$140 from the Group Vendor Stand.
Join Virtual Impressions Retail Group to Buy the half price Jewelry.

Finally come and collect your New Free Gift .

Your Landmark to Virtual Impressions

Sunday, 16 January 2011

New Flexi Jewelry and Group Special Offer at Virtual Impressions

A New Jewelry Design, Yasmine is now on sale at Virtual Impressions.

Yasmine is a Unique Design to make a bold statement, Featuring with a Long Chain Necklace with a Sphere Pendant with Flexi Tassle to the Bottom. It is in either Gold or Platinum with square cut diamonds and comes with a matching pair of fexi earrings.
Wear with formal or casual .

Each set is usually L$360 and this week Virtual Impressions Retial Group Members may buy each at half price L$180. Join the Group and Wear your Tag to buy, from the Group Vendor stand (inside the door to the right).
Also New a Group Exclusive , Josephine Choker Necklace with matching earrings in Aqua & Diamonds for only L$45.

This set is only on sale on the group vendor stand . Buy wearing your Group Tag after joining the Group.
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Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Jewelry and Free Gift at Virtual Impressions

A New Jewelry Set Eugene is now at Virtual Impressions. This Set comes with a Choker Style Glitzy Diamond and Pearl Necklace, and Matching Earrings. There is also the option to buy a set with a pair of bracelets included also.

2 options in Platinum , Diamonds and Snow White Pearls, or Gold, Diamonds and Antique White Pearls. The 3 Piece Set is L$360 and the 5 Piece Set, L$420.

Virtual Impressions Group Members can buy all sets at Half Price this week only, the 5 Piece sets for L$210 and the 3 Piece L$180.

Please Join the Group and Buy from the Group Vendor Stand to the Right of the Entrance, whist wearing your Group Tag.

Landmark To Virtual Impressions, Main Store
A New Free Gift is also out by the stairs, stop by and pick up a copy.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year Releases at Virtual Impressions

The first New Release is Francesca a Pearl & Diamond Jewelry Set with Matching Earrings.
The Design is Draped Across the Back coming to a V shape at the front. The effect of the Hanging Drop Pearls and front Motif has a very Dramatic effect.

3 Colours are available to buy singly, with Antique White Pearls or Snow White Pearls with Diamonds , or Black Pearls with Black Diamonds. You may also buy the fat pack of 3 for the price of only 2.

Half Price offers for the group are at present on the Antique White Pearls for L$180 and the Fat Pack of 3 which you can buy for L$360 , the price of 1.

Buy from the Group Vendor Stand, after Joining Virtual Impressons Retial Group, whilst wearing your Tag.

Also a New Group Only offer is on Sofia Jewelry Set with Amethysts on Platinum.

This set is Copy/Modify and available to buy only from the Group Vendor Stand for L$45.
All Offers are on the Group Vendor Stand to the immediate right on entry. Wear Virtual Impressions Retail Group Tag to Buy, Joiner next to vendors.
Landmark to Virtual Impressions Store
New Custom Jewelry is avalible to order with names .
 Set , Necklace Only or Earrings Only can be ordered , see notecard instore for full details and instructions.
Photos Below

Other Designs Released Last 2 weeks also instore now, Leandra and Pippa Both Created for Miss Virtual World Finalists.



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