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Saturday, 24 March 2012

New Jewelry, Group Gift & Soft Opening of New Main Building

Announcing today Avril a New Gemstone Jewelry Set & Charlie the New Group Gift.

Also there is a soft opening of Virtual Impressions New Main Store, though many things are not yet complete, and nothing is on the second floor yet.

Avril comes in 6 colours and is a large circlet of gems. All sets are offered at less than half price, including the fat pack for members., Single Sets at L$160 and the fat pack L$480.

Charlie is a long chain necklace wit ruby and diamond gemstones and flexi feature tassles, with matching earrings. Come get your copy.

Hoping you will not be disorientated with the new layout, and for now the landing point will be set at one spot, as the store is still in the sky until next week.
More to come on the new store, watch this space....... :))


Landmark to Virtual Impressions


Friday, 16 March 2012

Styles of edo departure from Virtual Impressions Main Store

It is with regret I announce that Styles of edo has left Virtual Impressions Main Store and will leave second life next month. Edo Tone has long found it difficult to concentrate on his business in Second Life whilst working long hours in his RL Job.

For me personally I would like to say to him,  thank you for your friendship over the years, you have been very helpful to Virtual Impressions and thank you also for being my landlord for 3 years.

I wish you well for your future and hope you can find peace and more time for yourself. I will miss you.

Styles of edo will be open until next month, April , if you are looking to buy excellent formal menswear.

I include a link to his main store below.

Landmark to Styles of edo

Saturday, 10 March 2012

New Pearl Jewelry, Group Gift & RFL info from VIrtual Impressions

Released today , Suella a new long  pearl 3 peice jewelry set, with flower and bead decoration. It is best viewed from the photos below, where there are 5 colours to choose from.
All single sets are offered exclusively to members at only L$160 and the fat pack at L$480 both at over 50% off the normal price.

Out also today is Theresa in Brown Pearls and quartz the group gift for the next few weeks. Come get our copy.

Please Join Virtual Impressions Retail Group & Wear Your Tag to buy at the discounted prices from the Group Members Stand, inside the entrance on the right.
Beginning today at 12 am SLt 10th March is the Cancer Charity Event, Relay for Life in which Virtual Impressions Has a store.
The sims are beautiful and well worth visiting, as well as being for a good cause.
The Relay for life special vendors contain items made by creators especially for the fair, with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity. There are also lucky dip Gachas, a hunt and a raffle.
Virtual Impressions is taking part in all the above events and RFL exclusive items can be found at the fair and also in the main store.

Please find the landmark below for Virtual Impressions RFL Store.

Virtual Impressions RFL Store

Virtual Impressions Main Store

Sunday, 4 March 2012

New Jewelry & Free Gift at Virtual Impressions

New at Virtual Impressions, Amira Jewelry , necklace & earrings sets in a floral design with gemstones & diamonds on precious metals.

There are 6 colour options to choose from , and each is offered this week to Virtual Impressions Group Members at over 50% off, each set being L$160. You can also buy a boxed fat pack at L$480, which includes all colours.

Also instore a new free gift to pick up by the stairs .

To take advantage of the discounts please join the inworld group and buy from the members stand inside the door on the right.

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