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Sunday, 1 August 2010

New Free Gift and Jewelry at Virtual Impressions

Stop by to pick up your new free gift at Virtual Impressions main store and check out 2 new jewelry designs, Devina and Margaret.

Devina is a 5 Piece Jewelry set with Chain and Clover Style Motif in either Mother of Pearl or Moonstones. The Necklace has 3 strands to the front and 2 to the back, perfect for a low cut or backless outfit .
The sets come with a matching pair of earrings and a pair of bracelets.

The options in this set are in either Gold with Mother of Pearl, Gold with Blue Moonstones, Silver with Mother of Peals, Silver with Summer Shades and Black with Black Metal.

Single sets are priced at L$390 and are modify and transfer.
This week there is a group offer of only L$180 for the Gold with Mother of Pearl and the Silver with Summer Shades. Buy the Discounted Jewelry from the Group vendor Stand to the immediate right of the door, after joining Virtual Impressions Retail Group.

The second set is Margaret a pretty jewelry design which clings close to the neckline. The Jewerly has Square Cut, Pear and Brilliant Cut Gemstones on Platinum Metal. A matching pair of earrings go with the necklace.
 4 options to pick from in this design, All diamonds, black and white diamonds, amethyst and diamonds and Aqua Topas with Diamonds.  Buy singly for only L$320 or the fat pack of 4 for L$640, half full price.

For this week only the Amethyst and Diamond version can be bought for L$160 and the Fat pack for only L$320, the normal price of 1 set, buy group members wearing their tag.

All jewelry is Modify and Transfer, and can be viewed on the latest jewelry designs board to the right on entry. Group offers are from the group vendors stand to the immediate right of the door. Join and buy wearing your tag to take advantage of the offers.

The Free Gift can be found by the stairs in the Foyer.

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