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Saturday, 24 November 2012

New Jewelry & Free Gift at Virtual Impressions

New today are 3 designs, Leona Mesh Jewelry, and 2 non mesh texture change sets, Angel Watch and Bracelet and Collette.

Leona is a classic jewelry design with mesh necklace & earrings, featuring a floral theme made up of brilliant, marquise and pear cut gemstones. There are 3 options, 2 in all photo real diamonds with gold or silver and a texture change set with log lag hud menu to choose 21 gems X3 and 8 metals.
All offered at over 50% off to members this week, single colour sets at L$140 and the texture change option at L$180

The next 2 releases are texture change versions of Angel Watch and Bracelet, and Collete with Pearls.
All Low lag with Angel choose 21 gems X2 and 8 metals, the watch keeps to SLT.

With Collette, choose 21 gems, 21 pearls, 21 flower colours and 8 metals.
Both these sets are offered at over 50% off this week, Angel set at L$180 and Collette at L$200

Hope you enjoy them.
To buy the discounted offers or to get the group gift, please Join Virtual Impressions Retail Group & Wear Your tag whilst buying from the group stand (inside the entrance on the right)

Finally there is a new free gift by the stairs, come take your copy.


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