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Saturday, 6 October 2012

New Jewelry & Group Gift at Virtual Impressions

New this week are 3 jewelry sets, Niina , Kate and Portia.

Niina is a new Mesh Jewelry design which is in the shape of a tie, decorated with a few flowers for that feminine touch. There are just 3 necklace & earring sets released, In silver with sapphires & diamonds, in gold ruby & diamonds and a texture change set offering low lag script to change the flower gems  and metals.
All are offered to members at over 50% off, single texture sets at L$135 and the Texture change set at L$180.

The other 2 releases are texture change sets of previous releases, Portia and Kate. Portia offers 21 gems, 2 diamonds and 6 metals and Kate the same with 21 pearl options. (Kate also has a dress ring included with the necklace & earrings.
Both sets are offered at over 50% off at only L$200 each to members

Lastly there is a new group gift, Mia in Gold, Ruby & Diamonds. Please come take your copy.

To take advantage of the group offers or to get the group gift please Join Virtual Impressions Group & Wear the Tag to buy from the Members stand, (inside the entrance to the right)


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