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Sunday, 15 April 2012

New Pearl Jewelry & Free Gift at Virtual Impressions

New Today is Sharon a Pearl & Feather 3 piece jewelry set, featuring a multi strand pearl necklace which from the mid chest up to the neck, which is decorated with Feathers in Gemstones, Pearls & Precious Metal.
This design had 4 colour options and a fat pack, all which are offered this week at over 50% off.
Single Sets are L$170 and the fat pack is for sale at 450, less than 3 sets. Discounts are only on the members board.

Please Join Virtual Impressions Retail Group & wear your Tag to buy at the discounted prices from the Group Members Stand, inside the entrance on the right.
A new free gift is out by the stairs, stop by and pick up your copy .

Landmark to Virtual Impressions


  1. Honestly, that is just too cute!

  2. Generally speaking, Pearls jewellery in London are the most expensive Under the same conditions (same size, same grade etc.), freshwater pearls are the least but also beautiful. You can choose the right pearl type according to your budget. E.g, freshwater pearl jewelry set below, only $71. Great choice for Christmas.