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Saturday, 23 July 2011

New Jewelry & Group Special Now at Virtual Impressions

A New Unique Jewelry Collection 'Feather' is out at Virtual Impressions. The Design is based on a a birds feather which is decorated with pearls & gemstones.
The Complete Range includes Necklace, Earrings and Arm Rings (worn on the upper arm) and is is sold as 5 peice, 3 piece and Arm Rings on their own
There are colour options to buy in this range. Please View the photos for information.
6 items in the range are offered at half price to group members.

The 5 Piece Sets of Peacock Shades , Black & Red Pearls & Gemstones, and the Silver with Pearls & Diamonds, each at L$195

The 3 Piece Silver & Diamonds at L$180
Gold & Diamond Arm Rings at L$99
Fat Pack of all 5, 3 piece sets at L$450

A New Group Exclusive is now also for sale , Daisy in Tangerine & Diamonds, for only L$70.
Please Note this set is Modify/Copy

With all discounted  items Join  Virtual Impressions Retail Group & wear your tag whilst  buying from the Member Stand (inside the door to the right).
All other New Jewelry Sets can be Viewed on the New Jewelry Items Board to the Right of the Stairs.

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