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Sunday, 21 November 2010

New Pearl & Diamond Jewelry and Group Special at Virtual Impressions

Announcing Zara a new pearl and diamond jewelry set with necklace and earrings.

The stunning textures add a touch of luxury and elegance to enhance that special outift.
Zara comes in 3 Colourways, Antique Pearl with Diamonds on Gold, Black Pearl with Black Diamonds on Dark Metal and Snow White Pearls with Diamonds on Platinum.
Each set is L$360 and Fat Pack of all 3 for L$750, 30% off normal price.
This week Group Members may buy the Antique Pearl set for half price L$180 and the fat pack of 3 for only L$370.
To Take Advantage of the special offer prices Join Virtual Impressions Retail and buy from the Group vendor Stand whist wearing your Tag .

Also from this week Group Members may buy Hayley Black Short boots with White Fur for only L$50. Buy only from the Group vendor Stand inside the door to the immediate right. Try a demo before buying. Group only items are modify/copy.

All jewelry can be viewed on the Latest Jewelry Designs Board , to the right of the stairs.

Landmark to Virtual Impressions
Virtual Impressions is Part of the Support Association for Styles of edo, I am honoured to be part of this alliance and support his brand and New Jazz Club Narkissos.


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