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Sunday, 5 September 2010

New Calf Length Boots and Pearl Jewelry at Virtual Impressions

Announcing Katlyn a New Calf Length Suede Boot with Pearl Button and Chain Detailing similar to the short boot Kay put out last week.

Katlyn comes in 4 colours, Black Suede with black pearl and dark metal chain, Grey Suede with grey pearl and dark metal chain, Red Suede with black pearl and dark metal chain and White Suede with mother of pearl and gold metal chain , Sole & Heel.
The Boots are Modify and Transfer, but do come with a deletable re-size script , to make it easier to size and ajust . Come Try a Demo before buying.
The Standard price for a pair of boots is L$320 and the Fat Pack of 4 is L$640.
This week a group offer is available on the Black and White versions for only L$160 and the Fat Pack for only L$320, the normal price of 1.

To buy Join Virual Impressions Retail inworld group and wear the tag to buy from the Group Vendor Stand on the immediate right of the entrance.

All the new boots can be viewed on the Latest Footwear Designs Board on the Left hand side of the Foyer.

Also new this week is Mariah a New 6 strand pearl necklace with matching earrings. This Classic Design looks stunning at the front and back and is a must for any wardrobe.

2 Colours to choose from in Antique White Pearls with Gold and Diamond Flower Clasps

or in Black Pearls with Dark Metal and Black Diamond Clasp.

The Pearls are Modify and Transfer. The standard price is L$360 , and this week group memeber can buy the Black Pearls from the Group vendor Stand for L$180, wearing their group tag whist buying.

Both sets can be seen on the Latest Jewelry Designs Board on the Right Hand Side of the Foyer.

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