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Friday, 9 April 2010

Updates on 2 Items Relasted last week and New Jewelry

2 items were released last week Chloe Jewelry and Nicola Nails, and this week Siobhan Jewelry Sets, Easter Hols restricted my blog access so full detials are being posted here now.

Siobhan is a pretty necklace & earrings design, with a butterfly and flower theme. Suitable for casual or formal wear , the design is a mix of pear and brilliant cut stones on platinum white metal. 4 gem combinations are available, inc All White gems, Amethyst and White, Pale Pink & White and Pale Blue and White Stones.

A single set can be bought for only L$320 or there is an option to buy the fat pack of all 4 for half price L$640. A Group offer is currently on the All white gems of only L$199 and the fat pack for L$499. Buy from the group vendors inside the door to the right , wearing your Virtual Impressons Group Tag to buy.
Jewelry is Modify and Transferable as a gift.

View all the colours in the Latest Jewelry Designs Board or in the Jewelry section.

Released last Week Nicola Nails, a Subtle Design based on French Polish, decorated with heart and round gems. This comes complete with a modern style dress ring Romi in platinum.
The Prim nails are designed to fit hand size 20, though will re-size well for hand sizes 15-30 without the need to ajust. There is a script to help with sizing, which is deleteable. The nails also come with an optional animation, which you can wear should your Ao not keep the hands in a relaxed position.
A Demo is instore to try before you buy. A variety of colours to choose from, including a traditional French Polish in Peach, and the others are ice shades , perfect for spring in Lemon, Green, Pink, Lilac and Pale Blue.
Singles are L$299 and the fat pack of all 6 is L$898. Group offers are on the Traditional French Polish in Peach of only L$180 and the Fat Pack for only L$599. Buy from the Group Vendor stand inside the door to the right, after joining Virtual Impressions Group.

Lastly Detials of Cheryl a similar jewelry design to Siobhan but with all flowers an of a more formal and design. 4 Colours are available, Diamonds on Gold Metal, Diamonds on Platinum Metal, Amethyst and Diamonds and Ruby and Diamonds. Single sets are L$360 and includes Necklace & Earrings.

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